A multi-country learning platform to improve care for people living with HIV

  • Website Design & Development

CQUIN is a multi-country initiative and learning network created by the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP) at Columbia University to accelerate the implementation of high-quality differentiated HIV care. ICAP’s founding principle is that quality healthcare should be available to everyone. CQUIN's goal is to enable more people living with HIV to initiate and sustain high quality treatment.

ICAP turned to Teal to create the website for the CQUIN initiative. The website serves as the hub for experience sharing, cross-learning, and collaborative problem solving for members who are at various stages of implementing services.

To accommodate a rapid launch schedule, Teal designed an initial splash page that could grow into a full website.

The expanded website profiles the work of CQUIN member countries and provides resources and support to on-the-ground teams.


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