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CLASP is an NGO that does cutting-edge work in partnership with policymakers, industry members, and technical experts to improve energy efficiency policies, cut carbon emissions and improve lives through the adoption of energy efficient on-grid and off-grid appliances. CLASP works to accelerate sustainability while at the same time improving lives in developing countries and communities.

By 2018, CLASP was producing more research and policy than ever before.

They needed help streamlining their messages and conveying their work in a visual, easy-to-understand way. That’s when they turned to Teal.

The work that CLASP does is nuanced and very complex. Off-grid & on-grid electricity, energy efficiency, and international energy policy are each complicated subjects, and CLASP works at the intersection of all of them. The communications team at CLASP works hard to explain their “wonky” work in a way that is accessible to their target audiences. We work closely with them to produce everything from program logos to social graphics, infographics, e-magazines, and annual reports. Whatever the CLASP team needs, Teal is on-hand to make it happen. We ensure that every deliverable we produce is a strategic extension of the CLASP brand.

CLASP Infographic examples created by Teal Media

CLASP's 2019 Cooling magazine set the stage for their first-ever e-magazine, which presents an in-depth look at the state of air conditioning markets, policies, and compliance efforts around the world to help guide future market transformation. Click here to read Cooling in a Warming World.

The deliberate design choices we’ve made have introduced an extra level of polish and consistency to CLASP’s visual identity throughout their sub-programs

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CLASP's sub-program Efficiency for Access has its own brand that needs to be presented in a bold consistent way throughout reports, infographics and other support print materials.

Teal serves as a long-term design partner to CLASP. The nature of our long-term partnership means that we’ve established a level of trust, rapport, and cadence between our teams, which allows us all to work more efficiently, effectively, and within budget to help them achieve their mission.


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