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League of Conservation Voters

Building Power for People and the Planet
Black woman giving a speech outside the Capitol building

Building a More Just & Equitable Planet

The League of Conservation Voters and its c4 sister organization the LCV Education Fund have a clear and timeless goal: Build power for people and the planet. But their old website was anything but clear and couldn’t keep up with LCV’s ambitious work to influence policy, hold politicians accountable, and win elections to strengthen our democracy.

LCV partnered with Teal to revitalize the historic advocacy organization’s online home. Together, we designed a bold new look for the sites, totally overhauled the user experience to foreground their scorecards and voter tools, and created c3/c4 sites that are distinct and easy for the team to manage. The result: A dynamic new platform that powers LCV’s work to create safe and healthy communities for all.

Bold Design, Intuitive UX

Starting with a hard-to-navigate user experience and a dated design, LCV wanted to go big and bold to match the passion of their grassroots movement. So, Teal dug in to redesign a new structure for the site that makes it clear what they stand for and highlights its key programs—from state affiliates to leadership development and climate justice.

Key Design Features

The site’s design is unapologetically bold thanks to a few central design decisions:

  • Motion that’s loud and fast to make the content feel alive
  • Typography that creates big bold elements throughout the site
  • Photography that shows the LCV community in action
  • Color palette with gradients and pops of color to highlight key calls-to-action
Collage of mobile screens
Collage of pages from the two sites that share the same infrastructure

Two sites, one mission

Teal built the LCV and LCVEF sites simultaneously using WordPress multisite so they’re efficient to maintain with a design language that’s connected yet distinct. The result is two sites that feel part of the same family, and can stand alone—all with the flexibility to use different content and implement unique features (like voter information) in the right spots.

Powerful action tools… because our Earth is worth fighting for

To power the community’s action, Teal built and integrated a suite of tools into the new LCV/LCVEF sites:

  • Congressional scorecard that pulls from public and private APIs to build a voting record scorecard for your local representatives
  • Voter information to help you check your registration status, register to vote, request mail-in ballots, and more
  • EveryAction and Phone2Action integrations to power the sites’ Get Involved sections
  • Impact stories featured throughout the sites to remind visitors what we’re fighting for together

Fighting for Climate Action and a Stronger Democracy

As LCV puts it, “The threats to our nation’s environment and democracy require action from all levels of government.” Working in close partnership, Teal and LCV created a future-oriented platform to guide LCV/LCVEF’s work to meet this moment and leverage its powerful grassroots network to advocate for change. We’re proud to support their work at a time when our planet needs LCV and its supporters the most.

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