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Unleashing the Power of the Next Generation with Theirworld

90% of all brain development occurs in the first few years of school

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, more than 260 million children around the globe were not in school. 175 million of those kids were missing out on pre-primary school—a critical stage in children’s learning.

For Theirworld, tackling this global education crisis is key to unleashing the potential of the next generation. Their campaigns, projects, and advocacy are pushing every day to give every child the best start in life, a safe place to learn, and the skills they need for a successful future.

Theirworld came to Teal for support with two new websites—for Theirworld and for its connected partner, the Global Business Coalition for Education. With a new brand and big mission, we worked closely with them to bring this pair of education advocacy sites to life.

Expanding the Theirworld Brand

After developing a new brand, Theirworld needed help expanding that design for its new website home. Teal built a full website visual system that reflects the Theirworld brand in a welcoming, sophisticated, and inspiring way. Highlights include:

  • Two-tone headlines that are bright and appealing while still meeting accessibility standards
  • Real photography that’s cropped and scaled across devices to keep faces front and center
  • Bold calls to action with an expanded icon set that includes large-scale arrows and high-contrast buttons

Stories of Impact + Opportunities for Action

Theirworld’s previous website struggled to share the organization’s transformative impact on education, so we started by rethinking their layout a bit.

Stories: We crafted a new narrative, and shaped their new site into three program areas that each feature compelling stories of changed lives and improved systems.

Actions: Teal paired these stories with a new Get Involved section that lets visitors choose their path to unlocking change, from supporting Theirworld’s campaigns and joining the Global Youth Ambassadors programme to fundraising on behalf of the organization. And it’s all integrated with ActionKit to make engagement easy.

The result is a site that inspires Theirworld’s audiences with lively, fresh, and personal impact stories, and clear ways for those audiences to that inspiration to action with approachable, easy-to-complete activities.

Two Sites, One Big Mission

For Theirworld and the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education), this website redesign offered an opportunity to streamline the editorial process for the two sites and make the overall project more time and budget efficient. But crucially, each site had to feel distinct, with input from different stakeholders at each group and some unique functionality as well.

Multisite solution: Teal both sites using WordPress Multisite, allowing the two sites to share functionality and components, while still giving each its own style and visual identity. Teal ran a process with input from each team, and found functional commonalities that made the process smooth—and much faster than two custom website projects.

Unique functionality: While the two sites are more alike than not, each has its own custom features. On Theirworld, Teal built a student resources toolkit with a rich knowledge base to help high school and university students make the case for ensuring unbarriered access to high-quality education throughout their learning lives—in spite of and throughout disruptive global events. And for the membership-driven GBC-Education, Teal built a portal that connects professionals working in common purpose.

GBC-Education partners with more than 150 leading businesses to share resources and know-how to make the case for education to both employees and investors. Their partnerships support learning and education in 63 countries and 50+ US cities to put kids on the track to success.

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