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  • Visual Identity
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Taking on a full-scale brand refresh and redesign at a large nonprofit organization can be daunting. Our partners at CARE were facing this major task. However, rather than spending a year+ effort on overhauling everything at once, CARE decided to take an incremental approach—designing and building in an iterative way, informed by research and data. CARE knew they could trust Teal to lead them through this process thoughtfully and carefully.

CARE works in 93 countries, reaching 63 million people through 950 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid programs.

Recently Teal was awarded a 2020 Communication Arts Award of Excellence for our work on CARE News and is selected to appear in their 26th Interactive Annual.

A small, but important start

A microsite for CARE's Bihar, India Work

CARE first came to Teal in need of a quick-turnaround microsite focused on the organization’s work in Bihar, India. The mission of the Bihar program was to reduce rates of maternal, newborn, and childhood mortality and malnutrition; and to improve immunization rates and reproductive health services.

Collage of page designs for the Bihar microsite

CARE had produced a moving short documentary to showcase their work and wanted to provide context around the film in addition to providing educational resources to site visitors.

CARE also wanted to use the microsite launch to introduce an updated CARE visual identity and modernize their technology platform. Teal led this effort by creating a foundational design system and developing a scalable WordPress-based infrastructure.

Continued Expansion

A robust news platform powered by storytelling

Teal’s successful work on Bihar led to another major project — a full website design for CARE News, a magazine-style platform for news stories pertaining to health, culture, and ideas.

The CARE News website features:

  • Fully integrated calls-to-action, in context with relevant content
  • Ability for site visitors to filter news stories by issue, country, and type
  • Rich multimedia, including video, photography, slideshows, and audio
  • Social media sharing integration on all news story, including dynamic publication to Apple News
  • Back-end ability for site content managers to ‘build their own pages’ with a library of pre-set modules that consist of a variety of layouts and visual treatments
  • A site design that prioritizes the mobile experience

Teal continued to expand upon the foundational design system we established the Bihar project in our work for CARE News. We created new user interface components, revised existing ones, established new modules and page layouts, devised a full iconography set, and added new design elements. We took great care in designing with the utmost flexibility and extensibility in mind so the design system could be applied in future CARE projects.

Collage of page designs for CARE News
A second microsite

Proving the design system with Fight with CARE

CARE then engaged Teal with another microsite — Fight with CARE. Fight with CARE was our first incremental ‘proof of concept’ that that the design system and WordPress-based platform we created could scale to accommodate a variety of content.

Collage of page designs for Fight with Care

Teal’s work with CARE continues to this day. We are humbled to be able to contribute to CARE’s mission to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice.

"This has been a really fun project to work on, and I’m excited to see the stories that come out of it. Everyone who’s seen the site along the way has exclaimed how beautiful it is, and everyone who’s been in the backend so far has noted how easy and intuitive it is to work in. We have such strong photographers and storytellers working around the world, and we finally have a way to properly show their work. We couldn’t have done it without you all!!"

Bailey Seitter
CARE USA Bailey Seitter


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