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For 15 years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with clients who fight for what matters. Here’s to the moments—and movements—that shaped our journey.

When America elected our first Black president…

Jessica Teal managed the design team on the 2008 Obama campaign, an experience that cemented her commitment to progressive causes.

Obama stands at a podium during a 2008 rally.
A zoomed in picture of Jessica Teal's hand with an protest button that reads
Jessica Teal sits at center in a crowd of the Obama campaign staff.

A campaign led with hope and optimism.

In a fast-paced political campaign, you need to focus on what matters most and be as nimble as possible. That find-a-way-to-get-it-done attitude remains a key part of Teal’s approach to this day. We never turn away from a challenge and stay level-headed in a crunch. We channel the unwavering hope of 08’ in our belief that we can build a better world through what we collectively create.

The 2008 campaign was life-changing. It was the hardest, most rewarding job I’ve ever had in my entire life. Not only did I meet life-long friends, but this experience was the catalyst for me starting my own business, Teal Media.

Jessica Teal


When state legislators targeted our LGBTQIA+ communities…

From policing school bathrooms to bans on gender-affirming care, state lawmakers introduced more than 500 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills in 2023. 220+ of these propositions targeted Trans people—primarily Trans youth.

PFLAG continues their legacy of fighting FOR queer rights.

A black and white image of PFLAG founder, Jeanne Manford, marching with her gay son, Morty in a pride protest march with a sign that reads,
Teal Senior Designer, Isabel Levin, and Designer, Madie Graham, smile on a video call with rainbow Pride themed virtual backgrounds
A PFLAG collage for marriage equality features a bright yellow background with a brush stroke along with a cut out of the supreme court building and three Queer couples: a Biracial Lesbian couple, a white Lesbian couple, and a Black Gay couple

Fierce love meets fierce advocacy.

Fifty years ago in Greenwich Village, Jeanne Manford’s unconditional care for her gay son, Morty, led to the first PFLAG meeting. Since that day, PFLAG has built a community of enduring support for Queer people and those who love them across the country.

We were honored to create a bold brand and website to revitalize their presence across digital channels. Everyone at Teal is inspired by their commitment to the cause and their undying optimism. We will always be proud to collaborate with PFLAG and amplify their impact through the power of design and creative strategy.

My eyes tear up by knowing these resources are available to queer people growing up now. This would have saved many lives, including some friends. As a queer kid this had an unmeasurable price.

Headshot of Diego Beauroyre

Diego Beauroyre

Art Director

When women demanded their voices be heard…

Women marched in the millions as the Trump era began, broke the silence around sexual harassment, and demonstrated their political power after the Supreme Court repealed abortion rights.

naral seized on a crucial moment to rally all americans by introducing a new name and a new brand: Reproductive freedom for all.

Teal Director of Research and Business Development, Liz Moderi, marches in the women's march pushing a stroller with her baby boy; Liz's shirt reads,
Teal Project Manager, Kendall Gillfillan, marches for women's rights in London holding a sign that reads,
A hot pink and bold sticker of the feminist power fist

A movement of millions.

The day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, half a million marchers protested in DC, and 7 million took to the streets all over the world. And after a disastrous Supreme Court decision stripped women of rights they had held for 50 years, groups like Reproductive Freedom for All led a fight to restore those freedoms by supporting progressive candidates and voting for ballot initiatives in their own states.

As a feminist, working on projects within the reproductive justice space throughout the years has been a pleasure. In the wake of overturning Roe V. Wade, reproductive rights are on the chopping block and that's a supremely scary situation. It's so inspiring to be able to work in the fight against the anti-feminist agenda.

Headshot of Dustin Maciag

Dustin Maciag

Art Director

teal’s mothers, daughters, and sisters joined their friends and family marching in dc, new york, boston, Detroit, London, and more...

Teal Deputy Director of Project Management, Cecilia Jasso, holds a sign in a crowd of friends and fellow protestors that says,
An image for the Reproductive Freedom for All features a women of color, possibly Latina, on a purple border holding a sign that says,
Teal Senior Technical Strategist, Liz Klarecki stands with a green protest sign that reads,

Activating Gen-Z

Teal is an agency founded by a woman and led by a female Creative Director. It’s no surprise that reproductive justice is incredibly important to Teal. Teal partnered with Reproductive Freedom for All to meet the moment and built a website in 3 months that focuses on driving people to action. Our solution resonates with Gen-Z newcomers and seasoned activists alike. We doubled down on loud, bold messaging and community power.

Chief Creative Officer, Aruna Mall holds her daughter who is decked out in pink and holds a sign that says,
Teal Designer, Madie Graham, sits on a couch with a nasty woman t-shirt and holds a sign that says,
Teal Principal, Jessica Teal, sits on the couch wearing a pussy-cat hat, and holding her small dog, Archie, who also wears a pink, pussy-cat hat
Senior Art Director, Amanda Buck, stand with her fist in the air, holding a sign that reads,
Teal Project Manager, Leidy Restrepo, stands in the middle of two friends in front of the Washington Monument that reads,
Teal Director of Content Strategy, Melanie Starkey, wears a pink pussy-cat hat and smiles with her husband at the women's march in a crowd of protestors

There's never been a more important time since the Roe decision in 1972 to speak up and protect reproductive rights.

Headshot of Melanie Starkey

Melanie Starkey

Director of Content Strategy

When a generation of Americans chanted “Not One More…”

Even as shootings in Sandy Hook, Parkland, and Las Vegas put America in a category of its own, our nation’s leaders did practically nothing. Millions of students and their communities showed up for March for Our Lives’ protests, making it one of the largest protests in American history.

Everytown for Gun Safety continued to prove that common-sense policies reduce gun violence and save lives.

An orange graphic with an American flag reads,
Teal Principal, Jessica Teal, stands in a crowd of protestors holding a sign that reads,
A white button reads
A March for Our Lives has a flag on the back of his shirt and looks out into a crowd of protestors while standing at a podium

Pioneering the movement to end gun violence.

Everytown for Gun Safety put Teal to work as their “rapid-response” team, turning attention into advocacy with infographics, social posts, campaigns, and a microsite that tracks gun violence in schools.

We also designed materials to support their “Not One More” campaign inspired by Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher was a victim of a mass shooting at UC Santa Barbara. As part of that work, Everytown mailed postcards to members of Congress on behalf of Americans who pledged their support to candidates fighting for common sense gun laws.

Teal Chief Creative Officer, Aruna Mall, stands with a friend in front of a protest crowd with signs that say,

We had worked with Everytown on their social graphics and websites in the 2010s, because this issue had been pressing during that time and even way earlier. It's inexplicable that the needle to end gun violence hasn't moved much or at all. The gun lobby is so powerful and the knowledge of the public and gun owners on this issue can be misguided. The efforts to achieve any semblance of success will continue to be extremely difficult, but it will always be worth pushing for.

Headshot of Ryan Co

Ryan Co

Creative Director

A collage of three polaroids featuring Teal designer, Madie Graham, and friends at their local high school walk-out against gun violence and for common-sense gun laws; many people wear orange

When “Black Lives Matter” echoed around the world…

The deep afflictions of our racist histories continue across oppressive systems. We’ve seen these evils in the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and far too many more. George Floyd’s murder spurred a national conversation. Far more than a call to end police violence, BLM awakened the nation to the ongoing force of white supremacy in our country.

girltrek continued their mission of bringing black women together to walk as one.

A Black Woman in a GirlTrek t-shirt smiles big and throws her hands in the air while holding a water bottle in a crowd of GirlTrek group members
Teal Director of Culture and People, Lyly Nguyen, wears a mask and holds a sign that reads,

Healing each other, empowering one another, fighting systemic racism, and transforming
Black lives.

In 2010, two friends, T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison, started a walking group that turned into a life-saving sisterhood. Their vision: Black women around the country organize walking teams, mobilizing community members to support advocacy efforts inspired by the history of walking for Civil Rights.

In 2020, the 1 millionth member joined the movement. GirlTrek invited Teal to reimagine their platform for the future. We designed a website to match GirkTrek’s vibrant health revolution. Site visitors are continuously inspired and motivated from the moment they sign-up to when they rise the ranks to the frontlines of the movement.

The website navigation mirrors community members’ journeys as they heal, practice self-care, connect, and train to lead. We are thankful to have trekked alongside GirlTrek as they reach the next million.

Being a part of GirlTrek's journey as a woman of color has been empowering; for me; it has highlighted the transformative power of fostering sisterhood and health advocacy in a grassroots movement to help shape healthier futures in our communities.

Headshot of Mara Cole

Mara Cole

Project Manager

Teal has always stood for something,

Thank you for letting us stand with you.

As long as there’s a fight to be fought, we’ll be working side by side with those of you advancing progressive causes—making your stories part of our story. Let’s see what we can achieve together over the next 15 years.