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Women Moving Millions (WMM) recently updated their strategic plan and had a new and improved mission and vision statement to match. However, WMM’s existing visual identity and website was not reflective of this strategic shift. WMM needed to send a strong and inspiring signal to current and prospective members that the organization was evolving and growing and needed their help to achieve even more for women and girls around the world. That’s when they turned to Teal.

Research & Discovery

Capturing Women Moving Millions' new strategic vision

Teal uncovered the motivations and goals behind WMM’s strategic shift through a series of stakeholder conversations and a hands-on workshop. Together we crafted a guiding strategy for the visual identity, UX and website that puts the power of the WMM community at center stage. Everything from the logo design to the personal stories and impact statistics on the website communicates that members are strong individually, and are even stronger when they work together as a community.

Through workshops and stakeholder conversations, we learned more about WMM's strategic vision and brainstormed ideas about how to visually express that vision.

The logo mark we created reflects the collective nature of the WMM community -- the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. The mark expresses how individual members and the organization need to work together, connecting in both small and big ways to create continuous impact for women and girls around the world. We highlight that continuous and connected movement in the form of a circle, creating the sense of energy radiating out from within.

WMM's membership is sophisticated and diverse -- WMM needed an expanded visual identity that reflected this. Teal incorporated shades of reds, plums, and purples paired with dark grays to help the color feel grounded and mature. We balanced this richness with ample white space. Teal also introduced a photography style focused on personal close-up shots of members engaging with the wider member community. We particularly focused on images that expressed a feeling of joy, hope, and commitment.

Bringing it all together

Introducing the New Women Moving Millions

The debut of the new brand and website at WMM’s premiere event

WMM had a major time crunch — they needed to introduce their new strategic direction to members at WMM’s premiere event, the Annual Summit. And since the new brand and website were the embodiment of the new strategic direction, the brand and website needed to make their debut at the event. Teal worked in partnership with WMM to devise a phased roll-out plan, focused on launching with the most critical features first and then rolling out additional features over the course of a few months.

Together, Teal and WMM created a new website that:

  • Tells the WMM story through the lens of its members, highlighting their collective achievements to demonstrate the true impact of the movement
  • Clearly outlines the benefits of membership in the community and offers a clear path to immediately become a member
  • Incorporates news and events to demonstrate that WMM is involved in relevant conversations happening today in philanthropic spaces
  • Is built to grow and expand over time as WMM executes their new strategic vision and grows their community

Teal also created a range of collateral for the event to ensure a comprehensive, cohesive, and coordinated roll out of the new brand. Teal created the stage design, program, app graphics, social media graphics, email templates, and more. To ensure the brand was carried out consistently after the event, Teal produced a detailed brand guide that will
help WMM, their partners, and vendors implement and manage the brand into the future.

Women Moving Millions is the largest community of individuals giving $1 million or more to champion women and girls and has elevated the power of women’s philanthropy to accelerate progress toward gender equality.


Teal Media is a woman-owned full-service creative agency based in Washington, DC. We offer UX research, web design & development, brand strategy, and creative support to mission-driven and nonprofit partners. We believe purposeful design can transform organizations, inspire action, and enable progress.



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