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Activating and Empowering Young Latinx Voters

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Voto Latino's website had grown stale. It was organized around internal priorities, and failed to connect with Voto Latino's primary audience of young Latinx'ers. In advance of the 2020 election, they needed a website that would help them activate this critical voting bloc.

Teal's Solution

The new site reflects the young Latinx people who make up Voto Latino's audience, creating a sense of empowerment and ownership. It makes it easy to understand who Voto Latino is and how they work. And above all, it focuses on Voto Latino's primary goal: registering people to vote.

Voto Latino’s website is one of the key tools they use to get more millennials and Gen Z Latinx people to register to vote. Their new site needed to:

  • Be reflective of Millennial and Gen X Latinx people and the way they use digital media
  • Make it easy for people to see all the ways they can take action - by knowing why they should vote, and learning how they can participate
  • Show how voting is connected to other issues that Latinx'ers care about
  • Ensure a smooth and efficient voter registration process
  • Introduce a streamlined and intuitive user experience
  • Encourage deeper engagement with Voto Latino by joining their list and making a donation

Together with the team at Voto Latino, Teal built a streamlined digital engagement platform. The vibrant look-and-feel is inclusive and represents millennial and GenX Latinx people. The site makes it easy to quickly understand what Voto Latino is about, it builds connections between voting and the issues that young Latinx people care about, and it is centered around empowering people to get involved and vote.

The new site outlines the connection between voting and the key issues that the Latinx community cares about - and in doing so, it also highlights Voto Latino's top priorities.

A series of custom illustrations that Teal and the nonprofit Voto Latino developed together as part of their website redesign process.

Teal and Voto Latino worked together to develop a series of custom illustrations that showcase the energy and diversity of the young Latinx community.

"Our new site is really oriented around our goals, which has helped us achieve them. In just a short time, the amount of people who have registered to vote through the site has increased significantly."

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Voto Latino Head shot of Francoise Stovall, Acting VP of Digital at the nonprofit Voto Latino smiling at the camera.
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