Image of Donal Trump with an X over his mouth

A campaign to Stop Hate

  • Print Design
  • Social Media
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design & Development

In the 2016 election cycle, we worked cooperatively with Prioritize USA Action to craft the Stop Hate/Stop Trump campaign. Teal created the visual identity, microsite, and social media graphics for the campaign. We also designed promotional materials including t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and more.

Image of the Stop Hate campaign logos

Teal designed the bold, in-your-face, Stop Hate logo marks.

Image of a sample social graphic for the campaign that says
Image of the logo marks for the campaign
The logo mark we created for the campaign symbolized that to stop the hateful rhetoric spewing from the election cycle, we had to Stop Trump.
Image showing the visual style of the campaign
The visual style we created for the campaign was aggressive and abrasive -- we wanted people to 'feel' the harshness and cruelty of the language in the visuals.
Collage of designs for collateral materials including shirt, stickers, and pins
To increase awareness and adoption of the campaign, we created marketing materials including t-shirts, stickers, and buttons.
Mockup image of a campaign video on a mobile device
The visual identity of the campaign was consistent across all media -- print and digital.
Image of Save America lockup with the Stop Hate campaign logo
We also created the 'Save America' symbol, which could be combined with the primary Stop Hate logo mark.

Teal combined visual identity assets into a comprehensive style guide that could be shared and referenced by Priorities USA staff and vendors.

Teal also created the microsite for the Stop Hate campaign, which was focused on pushing back on Trump and driving voter registration.

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