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  • Website Design & Development

The Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) is a national nonprofit organization that works directly with primary care providers, helping them integrate abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care into their practices so that everyone can receive this essential health care from their own primary care clinicians. Together RHAP and Teal created an online resource center that serves as a convening space for reproductive health care professionals.

The design we created for the RHAP website is simple, clean, and straightforward. When visitors come to the homepage, they are immediately greeted with a clear statement about who RHAP is and what RHAP does. We provide direct site links to RHAP's three primary areas of work: Abortion, Contraception, and Miscarriage. This is followed by regions where we promote important and and recent content from across the website, including resources and blog posts.

The full website experience continues the simple, clean aesthetic and is focused on connecting users to the resources they need as quickly and easily as possible. We have landing pages for the three key areas of RHAP's work; a robust Resources landing page that includes filters for topics, types, and language; and an Action Center where supporters can get involved and stand up for reproductive health. The donation page we designed was featured on EveryAction's "2018 Donation Pages that Rock."

In addition to the website, Teal also works with RHAP to extend their brand across other digital channels. For example, Teal worked collaboratively with RHAP to craft the story and design the cover for "A Common Thread," an ebook about how reproductive health, rights, and justice are intertwined. Our solution focused on the diverse cross-section of people who are affected by the state of reproductive health care. We custom-crafted the lively illustrations and integrated a 'stitch' motif throughout the piece. Our design makes the story of reproductive health, rights, and justice approachable and accessible -- much more intriguing than the traditional health care imagery one might expect from a piece like this!


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