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Prevent Cancer Foundation

Refreshing a web experience to promote early detection
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The Prevent Cancer Foundation focuses on empowering people to stay ahead of cancer through prevention and early detection. Through research, education, outreach and advocacy, they have helped countless people avoid a cancer diagnosis or detect their cancer early enough to be successfully treated.

The Foundation came to Teal for help reimaging their website. Their current website was dated, poorly organized and provided limited functionality for how they wanted to present themselves online. We set out to rethink their digital presence.

UX and SEO Research and Discovery

We started our partnership with a detailed discovery phase that analyzed their audiences, user behavior patterns, and SEO and search data. Our research uncovered a set of key findings that ultimately drove our recommended path forward.

Key findings included:

  • Search engine users were looking for information The Foundation offers, but not often actually going to their site.
  • Search engine visibility was disproportionately focused on news rather than critical resources.
  • Adults of screening age want specifics first, but the current content architecture did not support that.
  • Engagement on the site was limited in certain cases due to lack of cross-linking and non-optimized content.
Findings and recommendations from the Prevent Cancer Foundations SEO and UX discovery project.

The Solution

From our research findings, we created a wholistic set of recommendations that The Foundation could put in place to improve the content organization, user experience, and SEO rankings for their new site.

Our solution included:
  • A homepage that allows users to self-select what they want to learn about and get right to answers specific to them. For users who are new or just “browsing” they can learn about screenings they may need, or explore stories and updates from The Foundation.
  • Rich, dynamic content pages for each of the nine cancer types that The Foundation focuses on. These intuitively navigable pages offer details and resources a specific type of cancer, and dynamically pull in the latest stories related to this topic.
  • Rethinking their blog set-up. The existing blog was not being used to its full potential. We worked with The Foundation to clean up the underlying taxonomy, so we could pull articles in to their new content hub pages. We also created an easy to filter landing page for users who want to dig in to more articles.
  • One-on-one sessions with Teal’s SEO expert. As an organization, The Foundation is very focused on boosting search rankings. With dedicated working sessions, they made sure they were putting our recommendations to use in the most effective way.
A collage of website designs from the Prevent Cancer Foundation website redesign.

Next Project

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A new name and brand to better reflect a mission-driven organization.