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Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Building a Lifeline for Parents, Caregivers, and Families
Two mothers, one Black and one white hold their young children in their arms. Both children wear head coverings as they are cancer patients. The mothers and children sit on top of pale blue gradient arch graphics.

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) serves as a guiding light for families during some of their most challenging times. By offering access to critical resources, ongoing research, clinical trial details, community connections, support, and fundraising events that unite people, PBTF is a one-of-a-kind lifeline for parents, caregivers, and affected siblings.

When Teal partnered with PBTF, our primary goals were to improve content accessibility, streamline content strategy, and create a user-centric experience.

PBTF’s previous website had a number of issues: Critical resources were buried within unsearchable PDFs, and content was distributed across the site without a clear strategy, making it hard for visitors to find what they needed.

Flexible Site Design and Development

PBTF needed to seamlessly integrate various content types and features across their website. Here are some of the key achievements from the project:

  • Event System: PBTF’s event system now includes flagship and local events, all plotted on an interactive map.
  • Content Strategy: Teal streamlined the foundation’s content approach, eliminating duplication and creating a cohesive content strategy across the site.
  • Resource Library: Transforming PBTF’s resource library required a unique solution: BYO (Build Your Own) components. This approach allowed elements of the PDFs to be integrated into HTML designs. From tables and related content to accordions, the flexibility in design elements greatly improved the user experience.
  • High-Level Support: We provided extensive support in migrating to new hosting providers, selecting plugins, and optimizing administrative workflows—acting as a trusted digital consultant rather than just a website vendor.

An Interactive System for National and Local Events

Teal designed a dynamic map, making it easy for users to find and register for local and national events. We built dedicated landing pages for PBTF to promote, and personalized and streamlined the information on individual event pages to reduce duplication and make them more accessible.

Collage of event pages

PBTF hosts a variety of events, ranging from their flagship “Ride for Kids” to numerous local ones across the country.

A collage of PBTF webpages featuring stories, related stories, and articles

Bringing Consistency and Usability to a Wealth of Information

Teal implemented a consistent taxonomy and filtering system across the site, irrespective of content type, ensuring a user-friendly experience. That made it easier for users to navigate the site, providing them with a familiar experience whether they were reading stories, searching for grants, or exploring resources.

PBTF’s old website had a wealth of information locked away in PDFs, making it difficult for users to find valuable content. Teal created a user-friendly interface that easily extracted content from PDFs, which allowed PBTF to develop a searchable, filterable resource library. The resource library became a powerful new tool full of valuable resources for parents, caregivers, and researchers alike.

We presented the website to a few of our key board members, including a mother of a bereaved child—a woman who has always driven us to improve our branding and our experience with families. She was over the moon. I’ve never been more confident in a site launch. Thanks to your team for your partnership and patience.

Amanda Hicken

National Director, Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing


  • Our partnership with PBTF has continued following the launch of the revamped site. We’re exploring a clinical trials finder to connect families with local treatment options, and conducting audience research to develop an online resource hub. PBTF’s digital journey is ongoing, and Teal is committed to helping them navigate it successfully.

    Together, PBTF and Teal transformed the organization’s digital ecosystem, part of an ongoing collaboration to support families facing the challenges of childhood brain tumors.

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