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National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice

Helping Latina/x Advocates Build Power for Reproductive Justice
Three Latinas wearing a shirt that says

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice fights for equal access to reproductive health for Latina/x communities. They build power and help Latinas/xs reclaim their voices—because all of us should have the power to make informed decisions about our bodies, families, and futures.

The Latina Institute came to Teal for support on a new website to match their updated visual brand. In a charged environment where volunteers, or “Poderosas,” feared for their safety and a Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case loomed, Teal created a powerful new site that meets the urgency of the moment by providing access to translated resources, clear ways to get involved across different states, and security considerations to keep the team and its volunteers safe.

Discovery en Español

From focus groups with Poderosas led in Spanish by Teal project manager Leidy Restrepo to extensive interviews with internal and external stakeholders, Teal guided a research phase to uncover insights and shape our website plan. We heard how the Poderosas wanted a place to share their stories, inspire others, and guide them on the journey from low-level engagement to volunteering and, eventually, leading this work. They call it the “Poderosa Mountain.” Our job was to bring that journey to life on the new site through a vibrant visual style that conveyed action, power, and conviction.

Key Website Features:

  • Impact stories: Inspiring stories of Poderosas on the journey from small actions to leading the fight for justice.
  • Rich resources: Leading place in a post-Roe world for updated fact sheets and reports to help advocates learn and push for policy change.
  • Action opportunities: Clean EveryAction integration to make taking action for reproductive justice fast and easy.
  • Multilingual approach: 1-1 English & Spanish translation of all pages across the site, complete with a simple back-end experience for the Institute’s team of translators.
state collages with Poderosa volunteers
collage of page designs

When the Institute first partnered with Teal, their site didn’t tell the full story of the organization’s impact. And for new visitors, the connection between the national organization and the work happening at the state and local level was confusing, making it hard to understand where to get involved.

Together, we envisioned a new online headquarters for the Institute and the Poderosas, building on their rich history of advocacy wins while creating a dynamic, action-forward home for the future. We’re proud to support the Institute’s vision of “a society where Latinas/xs are thriving and free to activate our power to make decisions about our bodies, sexuality, and families.”

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