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Mighty Earth

Combating climate change through dedicated preservation
Horizontal landscape image of treeline, water, and blue sky

Mighty Earth confronts major threats to nature and climate, focusing on protecting natural landscapes, restoring wildlife, and decarbonizing industries. They aim to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation, driving positive actions by the private sector, governments, and communities. Mighty Earth’s impactful campaigns and data-driven methods ensure industry commitments and their delivery.

The Challenge

Mighty Earth needed an updated and robust platform to communicate their mission, showcase their work and impact around the world, and engage people to get involved in various environmental issues. Teal Media had inherited in-progress designs that needed to be reconciled with a clear content strategy and built to have an easy-to-use admin experience.

Image collage of Mighty Earth website design pages on a green background.

The Solution

Teal partnered with Mighty Earth to revamp and rebuild their website, building off of the existing designs. We created a flexible system using components that are available across different page templates. The new approach emphasized bold imagery, dynamic content, and user-friendly navigation.

Content Strategy and Framework
Through collaborative workshops, we redefined the content strategy to better tell the story of their work. We provided guidance in how their team can start creating content, and streamlined content migration and population, ensuring alignment between the new content strategy and Mighty Earth’s goals.

Project Management and Collaboration
Our project management expertise was crucial. We consolidated timelines, overlapping phases and running activities in parallel where possible, and held regular check-ins with Mighty Earth’s team. This collaborative approach enabled efficient decision-making and problem-solving throughout.

Set of four mobile designs for the Mighty Earth website

The Result

The redesigned website launched successfully before the end of 2023. Key features include:

  • Impactful Storytelling: Compelling narratives and visuals communicate the urgency of Mighty Earth’s work.
  • User Engagement: Improved navigation and interactive elements enhance user experience.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: A componentized design system allows easy updates and growth.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Optimized for performance and accessibility across all devices.
  • Admin-Friendly Interface: An intuitive admin interface empowers the team to manage the site efficiently.

Teal’s collaboration with Mighty Earth showcases the power of strategic partnership and expert execution. The new website supports Mighty Earth’s current needs and future growth, providing a strong foundation for their advocacy efforts to drive significant environmental change.

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