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International Center for Research on Women

Raising awareness of violence against women
Illustration of woman sitting on top of a globe

Violence against women is a global epidemic that impacts women, their families, communities, and entire nations. One in three women experiencing some form of violence in their lifetime. Teal Media partnered with the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and the United Nations Joint Global Programme on Essential Services for Women and Girls Subject to Violence to create a series of infographics and an animated video to address the epidemic of violence against women.

ICRW and the United Nations conduct extensive research on the state of violence against women around the world and support evidence-based solutions. Complex datasets can be a challenge to present, with organizations oftentimes missing opportunities to connect with their audiences over compelling and critical research. Teal wanted to humanize the data and give audiences someone they could champion. We decided to tell the story of violence against all women through the personal experience and struggle of an individual, representative woman with whom everyone could empathize.

Meet Sara.

Final version and early sketches of

Sara reflects a multitude of nations and cultures around the globe because violence against women is global. We took much care into illustrating Sara’s skin, hair, and clothing so she would be inclusive and accepting of all women.

Teal collaborated with ICRW to distill the wealth of their research into a relatable story. We carefully crafted a storyboard that could function as a seamless animated video and also easily be broken down into stand-alone infographics. This approach allowed us to make the most of the project budget.

Storyboard for the animation

Storyboard for the video that also functioned as stand-alone infographics

The Result

  • A story that raises global awareness and offers evidence-based solutions

    Teal created custom illustrations for 9 distinct infographics, each highlighting a key fact or solution to the epidemic of violence against women. We then brought the individual graphics together to produce the animated video — adding transition animations, voiceover, and background music. The graphics and video were initially designed in English, but the universal visuals and succinct message easily translated into other languages to serve audiences around the globe.

    “We just launched the infographic at the global conference and the response has been amazing! We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, the ICRW team, and Teal Media for partnering with us on this initiative. It's been a great collaboration.”

    United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

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