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Headshot of Katie Ngo

Katie Ngo

Business Development Associate

she / her

Water bender, surfer, coffee aficionado, avid hiker, outgoing introvert

Katie works hard to develop new relationships and share her passions with members of every team she joins. She believes that building those long-lasting relationships is the foundation to success and she loves making connections in all aspects of life.

Katie brings a diverse range of experience to the table, having worked in various fields such as education, community management, and partnership development. Her work with nonprofit organizations has further fueled her drive to alleviate inequities in underserved communities.

Katie enjoys spending her free time exploring the outdoors, trying new coffee shops, and learning about different cultures through food.

Sometimes in my past life I think I was a mermaid or a sea animal because of my love for the water. I surf two or three times a week, and I’ve explored the ocean’s depths in Honduras, Miami, and Panama.

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Headshot of Jeff O'Connell

Jeff O'Connell

Technical Lead

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Plant enthusiast, reader, naturalist, walker