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Exposing the corporations funding the end of legal abortion
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Behind the fall of Roe is a trail of political spending by America’s largest corporations. That money fast-tracked the end to the once guaranteed right to abortion in the United States. And now, it’s fueling a wave of bills that criminalize abortion care and access at the state level.

It’s a state of emergency. So for UltraViolet, it was time to release the receipts. They turned to Teal to create a lightweight, shareable site that uncovers the top corporate donors sponsoring the end of legal abortion. Because abortion restrictions are not what people want. Because we are the majority. And because it’s time for corporate America to stop putting profits over people’s health.

We Have the #ReproReceipts

Teal and UltraViolet created a bold and navigable site that starts with a clear, visual explanation of corporate America’s role in funding the anti-abortion movement. From there, users can dig into a few key sections:

  • Top 10 corporate donors—from AT&T to Walmart—with detailed scorecards of anti-abortion giving
  • State profiles that share the latest local updates and top corporate donations
  • Restrictions tracker that captures the wave of anti-abortion legislation across the US
  • Take Action feature to help visitors put corporations on notice
Collage of landing and detail pages of corporations

The #ReproReceipts site makes it easy for visitors to grasp the scale of contributions that large U.S. corporations have made to anti-abortion politicians.

Collage of landing and detail pages of states

The site also enables users to explore the state-level data and learn about the specific policies and pieces of legislation that these corporate dollars are funding.

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