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Paths for Families

A New Name and A Unified Brand
Two men and a small child embracing outside.

Paths for Families came to Teal to rename and rebrand their organization, and to combine what were two separate organizations—Adoptions Together and Family Works Together—under one branded roof. Adoptions Together started as a child placement adoption agency in 1990, and later introduced Family Works Together as a separate entity to focus on support services, counseling, and professional training. Over time, it was clear the two organizations would be stronger as one, so they asked Teal for help. We partnered with their team to create a new brand for a new organization: Paths for Families now represents the full spectrum of the nonprofit’s offerings, and includes Adoptions Together as a standalone program that retains its brand equity.

Two old logos for Family Works Together and Adoptions Together on the left, new Paths for Families logo on the right.

Bridging the Gap

Through a series of staff conversations and brand workshops Teal uncovered key attributes that would guide the new brand: Warm & Hopeful, Lively & Dynamic, Fresh & Modern. Retaining brand equity through the rename and rebrand was critical to the success of the project. The new brand palette pays homage to the original purple tones, while adding complementary colors that convey warmth and vibrance; two hearts now reflect the infinity symbol contained in the original Adoptions Together logo.

Paths for families color palette primarily featuring shades of purple, with an employee lanyard badge design on the right.

Meeting the Audience Where They Are

Teal did a deep dive on each audience, creating personas that reflect their needs, motivations, and pain points. The new brand is tailored toward people looking to adopt, expectant parents, families in need of ongoing support as well as donors and potential partner orgs; the messaging, visual design, and web content speak directly to each of them.

Three images featuring a pregnant woman, two men, and a family of four.
A row of colorful yellow, orange, and purple geometric icons made of shapes expressing abstract families.
Grid of family-centric images and colorful geometric graphics for the Paths for Families brand.

A Smooth Introduction

Staff were understandably concerned about the big shift, so Teal worked closely with the Paths for Families team to conduct a thoughtful training that brought staff on board as brand ambassadors, and made sure they understood how to talk about themselves with the new brand language. We also mapped out a plan for how to communicate about the new brand with existing clients, hospital staff and supporters.

Pages from the brand style guide for Paths for Families.

The Path Ahead

The new website quickly guides families (and families-to-be) to critical resources and support throughout their journey,  including an interactive Heart Gallery showcasing waiting families and children available for adoption. With its new brand, Paths for Families is ensuring that “every child will grow and thrive within a caring, supportive family and community.”

Top portion of the website homepage for Paths for Families.
Split screen image featuring a quote on the left and a young child on the right.
A webpage design from the Paths for Families website showing their organizational values of Equity & Inclusion, Family-Centered, Lifelong Partnership & Community, and Ethical & Human Dignity
A collage of pages from the Paths for Families website design
An array of four mobile designs from the Paths for Families website.

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