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International Budget Partnership

A website designed to ensure every nation’s budget works for every resident.
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Keeping Governments Accountable to their Citizens

“Don’t tell me what you value—show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.”

That’s the thinking behind The International Budget Partnership (IBP), a global nonprofit that’s helping citizens advocate for national budgets that work for everyone.

IBP asked Teal to redesign its site to serve as an online storytelling and engagement hub where audiences can access educational resources, see country-by-country data, and find ways to get involved. IBP also wanted to show evidence of its impact, to boost that engagement even more. And with 120 countries assessed, 9 million people accessing new or improved services, and US $352 million in increased budgets across 7 countries, that impact was no small thing.

The main website

  • “A Budget Nerd with a Heart for Justice”

    Teal was tasked with redesigning the organization’s entire website and the Open Budget Survey—the most well known of IBP’s many initiatives. The goal was to present IBP as a thoughtful, sophisticated, and welcoming organization—“a budget nerd with a heart for justice.” Because our work was being handed off to a separate development team, Teal had to design every possible template and variant to ensure a smooth transition.

    The Open Budget Survey

  • Open Budget Survey

    The Open Budget Survey presented a data-visualization challenge. The resulting charts are interactive, showing each country’s annual rankings across transparency, public participation, and budget oversight. Users can compare results from multiple years, see how their country compares to others, and even pull up a “roadmap” to advocate for changes that will improve their scores.

    Individual Country Calculator

    Each country has a page that allows users to interact with the results and simulate how the score would move if certain factors were changed. Like every element of the new site, the calculator is designed to be intuitive, so users can jump right in and explore–without a PhD in geopolitical economics. Paired with the site’s big, compelling images of people impacted by IBP’s work, the site shows people why change is needed—and how to achieve that change with a little help.

    Next Project

    Brooklyn Org

    Brooklyn Org

    An updated site for people who care about community, in Brooklyn.