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ONE – Global Week of Action

Ending the pandemic, everywhere

The Challenge

Teal’s longtime partner ONE came to us with a clear goal: establish a brand for a new campaign to make COVID history, starting with a global week of action that would mobilize communities in 50+ countries to say enough is enough.

Our team designed a vibrant, inclusive campaign brand that’s built to be shared—from bus stations in Nairobi and Lagos and subways in London and Berlin, to the streets of France and social networks worldwide. And, spurred by the urgency of Omicron, we built a dedicated, multi-lingual website to introduce the campaign and help people tell global leaders that all nations should have the means to fight COVID-19.

Launched in January ’22, the campaign spoke loudly, with one voice, to say: “It’s time to end the pandemic, everywhere.”

Black and white image of a person holding up a sign that says ACT NOW

Crafting a Positive Global Campaign

To transcend the politics of vaccination and speak to a global audience, the campaign identity is vibrant and accessible, with a clear call to action and a positive, hopeful message. Teal explored multiple directions and honed this option into a clear and colorful brand that stands out on social and on the ground, helping organizers and supporters hold politicians and corporations accountable to ending the pandemic—equitably and quickly.

Global Week of Action brand collage showing a shirt, face mask, and various visual applications

Built to Be Shared

During the Global Week of Action, ONE and its partners organized attention-generating stunts in 10 cities, took over billboards across Europe, and spread the campaign message on buses, tuk tuks and more in Nigeria, Kenya, and Senegal. On social media, first-person videos and posts put pressure on global leaders to take action. Teal created a robust set of templates for social, street banners, projections, videos and more to equip partner organizations and on-the-ground organizers with the assets they needed to spark a cohesive global moment and demand that rich nations step up to vaccinate the world.

Set of three Global Week of Action Instagram posts

Answering the Call

ONE’s network of global activists joined the fight together, taking tens of thousands of actions and building momentum to make 2022 the year that we finally, equitably, end this pandemic. For Teal and ONE, the #EndThePandemic campaign will continue to evolve, building energy, creating noise, and driving action to defeat this global crisis. “If we work together, we can save millions of lives, stop the virus spreading, and build a stronger, healthier and safer future for all.”

Global Week of Action image collage showing different brand activations

Next Project

Colorado Trust
Coloradan family enjoying a day at the park.

Colorado Trust

Teal and The Colorado Trust transformed their website and brand into a cohesive primary and sub-brand, two complementary websites that lift up the voices of Coloradans.