Celebrating NILC's work

The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is one of the leading organizations in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of immigrants with low income. Teal created an Annual Report microsite that specifically celebrates NILC’s 2017 work, but also honors NILC’s rich history of accomplishments.

The microsite outlines the responsible way NILC is using donor dollars and showcases the real-world impact of NILC's efforts. The microsite also demonstrates the individual impact a person can make by getting involved with the organization.

NILC’s main branding mark makes a subtle appearance as a background design element in the hero space. The mark frame the images and highlights the intersection of grassroots action and NILC’s legal efforts.

The site highlights major impact statistics and data points while presenting that data within the broader context of the immigration issue. A series of subtle micro-interactions help the page feel more dynamic and encourage site visitors to keep scrolling and exploring.


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