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The Secure Access in Volatile Environments (SAVE) program explores how to deliver humanitarian aid in some of the most challenging conflict environments. Based on three years of field work in four countries – Afghanistan, South Central Somalia, South Sudan and Syria – it is the first major effort to answer some of the aid world’s most critical questions about how much aid is getting to war zones and how much that aid is helping. Humanitarian Outcomes, the sponsor organization of the project, partnered with Teal Media in the fall of 2015 to tell the story of this issue in a visually-engaging, dynamic way that could easily be understood by the general public.

Together, we transformed a 60-page, information and data-dense technical report into an easy-to-understand interactive experience that helps visitors understand what the problem is, the scope of the problem, why and where the problem exists, the lessons learned by the research conducted so far, and what people can do to learn more.


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