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Headshot of Will Houston

Will Houstoun

Project Manager

he / him

Doggie dad, knickknack collector, tennis nerd, film buff, a person who used to like reading philosophy

Will is a self-styled jack of all trades (albeit master of none) and has experience managing a coffee shop, writing for policy shops in D.C. and Austin, and managing digital products and projects at startups and agencies alike. At Teal, Will draws on those experiences to assist coworkers and clients with a variety of questions and tasks, drawing on his education in religious studies and philosophy to bring a methodical, holistic, Zen-like approach to his projects.

Contrary to popular belief, his last name is pronounced “House-ton,” not Houston.

I rely on Grammarly to spell properly and I am not ashamed.

Meet the next Tealer

Cecilia Jasso

Cecilia Jasso

Deputy Director of Project Management

she / her

Mother of two adorable pitties, Swiftie, animal-shelter volunteer, plant lover, and Monopoly Deal champ