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NTI Nuclear Security Index

Advancing Global Security with NTI's Nuclear Security Index

Building on a strong partnership

The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) is a leading organization focused on nuclear security and non-proliferation efforts. Every few years, they release the Nuclear Security Index, a crucial resource that provides the latest updates on the nuclear status of countries around the globe. Teal Media collaborated with NTI to modernize and refresh the index for its 2023 release.

Teal previously worked with NTI on the redesign of their main site, and they tapped us to help with the launch of the 2023 Nuclear Security Index—with the challenge to create something that felt fresh and modern, while maintaining a consistent user experience with the main site.

While we were at it, we identified opportunities to improve the index’s accessibility and streamline how the index handles large and complex amounts of data. Here’s how it went.

Brand Consistency and Enhanced Accessibility

NTI liked the UX of the existing Security Index—but the site needed a design update. Our team got to work creating new icons, ensuring consistent fonts across the index and main NTI website, and updating the color palette so that the Index complements the main site—while still having a unique identity.

The redesigned Nuclear Security Index also included significant improvements in accessibility and mobile-friendliness, making it more inclusive and easier for visitors to navigate the site. Optimizing for mobile devices helps NTI better meet the needs of its various audiences, including government officials, students, and media who may be accessing the Index from various platforms.

The new user-friendly design improves overall engagement and understanding of the nuclear security status of each country.

Collage of desktop and mobile designs from the website, including the homepage, country profile, subindicator.

Teal made significant improvements to the visual design and user interaction of all the pages across the site. This includes the addition of a more current and relevant narrative on the homepage, adjustments to the interactive and static components of the data, and consideration of how it all displays on mobile devices.

Managing Complex Datasets & Getting Attention

NTI processes a vast and intricate amount of data to produce the Nuclear Security Index. The new design ensured a seamless user experience and facilitated better understanding of the complex data presented, but we didn’t stop there—we also streamlined the back-end data handling process. The team meticulously documented NTI’s complex data sets and made the necessary calculations to ensure accuracy and reliability.

As a result, the Nuclear Security Index now presents data in a more structured and comprehensible manner, enabling better understanding for users, while also laying the foundation for future Indices.

Teal also provided digital marketing support for the launch of the 2023 Index with email and social media collateral to help promote awareness of the index to a broader audience. The launch of the 2023 Nuclear Security Index also generated extensive media interest, including coverage in the Washington Post discussing the data’s implications for global safety.

Collage of interactive and static components used in the report

A selection of interactive and static components from the report.

A Partnership to Strengthen Nuclear Security

Teal Media’s partnership with NTI on the 2023 Nuclear Security Index demonstrated the power of bringing branding, design, accessibility, and functionality to create a seamless user experience.

The trust established through our existing relationship and collaboration with NTI helped to ensure a smooth and effective process as we worked together on this valuable resource for policymakers, students, and media professionals worldwide.

With the Security Index updated for the present, NTI stands ready to continue its important mission of advancing global nuclear security and non-proliferation efforts with confidence in the years to come.

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