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Headshot of Jason Narciso

Jason Narciso


he / him

Headbanger, mountain biker, rad dad, bird nerd, sweet tooth

Jason is a seasoned WordPress developer with 15+ years of experience contributing to diverse projects, from startups to large agencies. Throughout his career, Jason has provided comprehensive web development, focusing not only on the technical aspects in front of him but on client services, support, and accelerating workflows. Jason showcases his extensive knowledge to provide customised web solutions that address client challenges and enhance user experiences.

When he’s not wielding tech magic, you can find him riding bikes with his daughter or barrelling down questionable trails in the woods. Forever trying to hone his green thumb, he likes tending to both indoor plants and outdoor landscaping—cutting perfectly formed lines into the yard while listening to the heaviest of riffs.

Meet the next Tealer

Jeff O'Connell
Headshot of Jeff O'Connell

Jeff O'Connell

Technical Lead

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Plant enthusiast, reader, naturalist, walker