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ControlShift is an online platform that provides organizers with a robust set of online tools to engage their members, build power, and win victories. The ControlShift platform is rooted in the idea that individual people should be the drivers of social movements, whether those movements take place online or offline. Their distributed organizing platform enables members of a movement to create advocacy campaigns on the issues that matter most to them, organize important events, establish online forums for building community, and integrate fundraising into their petitions.

Because individual organizers visit the platform with a range of expertise and technical savvy, ControlShift wanted the platform to be as easy-to-use and understand as possible. That’s when they turned to Teal. We worked in partnership with ControlShift to design the UX and UI for the entire white label platform, helping advocacy organizations harness the power of the people who make up their movements.

Image of component designs

Universal components used for the white label petition pages

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Image of the original version of the landing page of the platform
Original version of the landing page of the platform
Image of a petition page template
Petition page template that can be created by people passionate about a local or national cause
Image of pages for local groups
Custom page that allows people to locate and participate in groups near them
Image of email updates on a mobile device
Email that updates people who have signed the petition

We also created the visual design for the ControlShift marketing site. Our solution explains the ControlShift model, walks through the process of how the platform it works, and makes it easy for potential customers take the next step.

Collage of page designs for ControlShift's marketing site


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