The WIN Network

The WIN (Women-Inspired Neighborhood) Network was formed to connect the women of Detroit to information and resources to help them have healthy pregnancies and healthy families. The WIN Network grew out of the Detroit Regional Infant Mortality Reduction Task Force. This team of maternal and infant medical providers was struck by Detroit’s high infant mortality rate and the unmet needs of the Women of Detroit. They wanted to change that. So, in 2012, The WIN Network partnered with Teal Media to create the brand, online hub, and supporting materials for the program.

Our Engagement

From the start, The WIN Network had a strong foundation. Major health systems were committed to make the program a success and had access to a wealth of resources to serve the community. Despite these advantages, the program wasn’t gaining traction with the women it was intended to serve. This was the first challenge Teal Media worked to overcome.

We talked with program participants to better understand their needs and desires. We visited the neighborhoods where they lived, worked, and raised their families. We interviewed medical experts, caregivers, and community leaders to gain insight into how we could best serve the women of Detroit. Rooted in this research, we transformed Sew Up the Safety Net for Women and Children to The WIN Network — something the women of Detroit could identify with and connect to.

Together with partners and stakeholders, we crafted a new brand and visual identity for the program. We also worked collaboratively to design and develop The WIN Network website, social media graphics, and a variety of print materials including posters, brochures, and wallet cards to support the program. We wanted to bring The WIN Network to the women of Detroit no matter where they were — behind a computer, on a mobile device, in a community center, or in the supermarket — and to let them know that the program was there for them, whenever and wherever they needed help.

“Working with Teal Media helped us transform a great project, Sew Up the Safety Net for Women and Children, into a phenomenal program, Women-Inspired Neighborhood (WIN) Network: Detroit. Teal’s guidance on developing, managing and protecting the WIN Network brand led to more credibility in the communities we serve, bolstered the engagement and pride of our staff, and we are still leveraging the momentum amongst participants and funders in improving birth outcomes for some of Detroit’s most vulnerable children.”

Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom

Chairwoman of the Detroit Regional Infant Mortality Reduction Task Force & Senior VP of Community Health & Equity and Chief Wellness & Diversity Officer at Henry Ford Health Systems

Here’s a peek at some of our work:

The Visual Identity

A new name, logo, style guide, and “Winnie” who is there to answer questions from the women of Detroit.

Print Materials

The WIN Network is a community-based program so it is important that members of the community (literally) get their hands on materials that support the program. Doctors can pass on brochures to patients. Neighbors can pass on information cards to neighbors. And posters can help spread the word in popular spots in the neighborhood.

The WIN Network Website

A fully responsive website, complete with personal stories of women in the program, an “Ask Winnie” advice column, and a wealth of resources for women at every stage — young women, pregnant women, new moms, and family and friends.

Social Media Graphics

We created a series of social media graphic templates that the WIN Network team can easily alter, update, and publish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. That way the WIN Network team can focus their energy on building their audience and connecting them to the information that they need, rather than creating custom graphics each time.

Our comprehensive, fully-integrated approach across web, social, and print has allowed The WIN Network to connect with participants who otherwise would be lost to attrition:

“Visiting the website or following our social media are ways to maintain social support networks between monthly sessions, and to expand the reach of programming to women who are not enrolled. By exposing women in the community to navigation of their care using the internet we are strengthening their tenacity as health care consumers.”

The WIN Network

What We’re Doing Now

Teal Media continues to work with The WIN Network, making improvements to the materials we produced based on participant feedback as well as coming up with new ideas for outreach and engagement. We are proud to support this ongoing effort to lower Detroit’s infant mortality rate and help Michigan families.

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