Teal Gives Back

Teal 10

Teal Media was thrilled to roll out our Teal Gives Back program this year in celebration of our tenth anniversary. The nonprofit and advocacy community helped us grow to become a positive force for social change over the past decade, and Teal Gives Back was our way of saying thank you. With this program, we selected one nonprofit organization each quarter to receive pro bono creative support from Teal Media. 

When we announced the program at the start of the year, it was because our team wanted to give back to the community of incredible change makers we have worked with over the past decade. What we quickly realized is that this project has given us so much as well. From the start we’ve been inspired by the work you’ve shared with us, the organizations you’ve nominated, and the projects you’ve proposed.

See What We Did

This program offered us the opportunity to work with some amazing organizations:

  • Gender Justice: In Q1, we partnered with Gender Justice, which is a nonprofit legal and policy advocacy organization devoted to addressing the causes and consequences of gender inequality. Teal helped Gender Justice to rebrand their organization, bringing clarity and focus to the way they present the organization and talk about their work. Learn more about our work with Gender Justice.
  • RADical Hope: In Q2, our Teal Gives Back selection was RADical Hope, an organization focused on improving mental health for young people. As a new organization, RADical Hope needed help developing a brand that expressed their mission and vision. Teal crafted an updated logo and visual identity that will serve as a strong foundation for RADical Hope to build upon. Learn more about our work with RADical Hope
  • Health Care Voices: Our Teal Gives Back Q3 selection was Health Care Voices: a grassroots group of healthcare advocates fighting for affordable health care for all. Health Care Voices was a young organization without a web presence when we began this project. Teal created a new website concept that introduces the organization and communicates what Health Care Voices does through the stories of real members. Learn more about our work with Health Care Voices
  • 500 Women Scientists: In Q4, Teal is working with 500 Women Scientists, which is a grassroots community of STEM leaders and supporters committed to training a more diverse group of future leaders in science. Teal will be working with 500 Women Scientists to take their visual brand to the next level. We can’t wait to share more with you when our work with them is complete!

Thank you.

This year was all about giving back to the community that’s given us so much. We hope you’ve been as inspired as we have to learn about these organizations and see how strategic visual design and creative work can empower important projects like these. Thank you for nominating such incredible organizations and spreading the word about Teal Gives Back. We can’t wait to look back in another ten years and see what this incredible community of change makers has accomplished!