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Headshot of Selina Sutherland

Selina Sutherland

Digital Marketing Director

she / her

Jewelry designer, fashion maven, SCUBA diver, Nigerian-British-American, horror-film buff

Selina is an experienced and passionate creative marketing strategist who has spent more than a decade achieving results for across a diverse set of clients—from startups and mission-driven organizations to Fortune 500 companies. As Teal’s digital marketing director, she leads a team of multidisciplinary experts to develop and execute tactical marketing plans and campaigns.

Selina is a proven creative leader and strategic thinker, whose keen attention to detail and technical ability makes any project more polished and more effective. Selina received her BA in Diplomacy from the University of Pennsylvania, and her MBA (specializing in Omnichannel Marketing & Data Analytics) from Florida International University.

How would my mother describe me in one sentence? ‘She’s hardworking and kind, but I have NO idea what Selina actually does for a living.

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Tiffany Wang
Headshot of Tiffany Wang

Tiffany Wang

Senior Project Manager

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Swiftie, foodie, world traveler, history nerd