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Headshot of Scott Kirkwood

Scott Kirkwood

Senior Messaging Strategist

he / him

Word nerd, cyclist, city slicker, pizzaiolo, Lab-Newfie papa

Scott began spent 11 years as a magazine editor and creative director at the National Parks Conservation Association, where his campaigns established protections for Alaska’s grizzlies and led to the creation of a dozen national parks including Valles Caldera and Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

Scott’s work on the agency side includes brand development and web copy for the Aspen Institute, Mott Foundation, and the town of Vail. During his time at Teal, he’s worked with American Film Showcase, United Way of Central Maryland, and Home Planet Fund.

I’d always dreamed of writing for newspapers and magazines—until a volunteer gig at the Michigan Humane Society helped me land my first writing gig at The Humane Society of the United States. Nothing but nonprofits since.

Meet the next Tealer

Liz Klarecki
Headshot of Liz Klarecki

Liz Klarecki

Senior Technical Strategist

she / her

Mountain biker, volcano summiter, general adventure seeker, puzzle nerd, mezcal enthusiast