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Diamond Dorsey

Business Development Account Manager

She / Her

Extroverted Introvert, Atlanta Native, Wellness Wanderer, Brunch Enthusiast

Diamond has more than 7 years of experience leading equity-focused initiatives from idea to implementation to impact. In her previous role at Truth Initiative, Diamond served as a senior manager and oversaw a grant-based program aimed at empowering college leaders to combat tobacco and vape use on campuses nationwide.

Diamond now brings her passion for growth and innovation to our team as a key player in business development. With a track record of driving impactful change, she’s dedicated to forging meaningful connections and propelling our company forward.

On weekends, you’ll often find Diamond on a quest to discover the latest and greatest brunch spots in DC. Her adventurous spirit and discerning palate make her the ultimate brunch aficionado!


Meet the next Tealer

Hayley Drapkin
Headshot of Hayley Drapkin

Hayley Drapkin

Project Manager

she / her

Political-digital enthusiast, Coloradan, dog mama, aspiring food critic